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About Router Realm

The intent of this website is to serve as an educational resource on the topic of computer networking. I made this site while working full time in the IT field and pursuing a software engineering degree. I found it difficult to find an all in one solution in preperation for the CCNA and Network+ Exams, so I created this site! It is a project to practice networking skills as a website creator and administrator and to give a free resource to the public so that you all can learn and eventually master the world of computer communication. I hope you find this site useful, entertaining, and fun. A little about me, I am originally from washington state where I grew up in a small town. I spent a bit of time in Arizona and did a bit of schooling there before I eventually decided to move to the great state of Texas! This is where I reside, work and go to school. It is here I found my footing in technology and eventually decided to undertake this great big project of mine. That's about it from me! The domain registrar for this site is through namecheap, it has an A record that points to a remote linux server. I am the administrator of this server and that is how I host this website! A lot of the motivation to create this site was to explore the wonderful world of linux servers. I must say I have had lots of fun building out the server, securing it and building out this website on it and running it as its own little webserver in the cloud. All of the hours spent here were well worth it, and I take a lot of pride knowing that the hosting was done completely manually. As you navigate this website, please reach out to me if there are any reliabilty issues my contact is contained within the pages of this site. I am always willing to update and improve this little brain-child of mine! If you have made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me and my project. Best, Jaden